Monday, March 9, 2009

Elli Fordyce – In the light she dances...

This love piece, inspired by the title of my forthcoming second CD, "Songs Spun of Gold," was created by Rajesh Pancholi of r27 Creative Lab for his ongoing blog at Please check out his other posts and wonderful graphic creations and editorial pieces.

Elli Fordyce – In the light she dances...
(you can hear samples of her music at the end of the article and download desktop images)"In the light she dances to silent music, songs that are spun of gold somehow in her own little head."That's the lyric on the bridge of "Waltz For Debby," the title song of Elli Fordyce's next album, "Songs Spun Of Gold," which will be available for downloading in March or April (with the CD to follow). The album's title comes from that snippet, the whole lyric of which is about Bill Evans', the composer's, niece with lyrics by Gene Lees. The song always reminds Elli of her daughter at 4, to whom it's dedicated in this version.Here's the entire lyric, which Elli says always brings her to tears and perfectly matches one of the world's most glorious jazz melodies."In her own sweet world, populated by dolls and clowns and a prince and a big purple bear,Lives my favorite girl, unaware of the worried frowns that we weary grownups all wear.In the light she dances to silent music, songs that are spun of gold somehow in her own little head.Someday all too soon she'll grow up and she'll leave her dolls and her prince and her silly old bear.When she goes they will cry as they whisper 'goodbye.'They will miss her I know but then so will I."--------------Gene Lee's history includes: writing lyrics for many songs (often the English version) during the 1960s. In addition to "Waltz for Debby" were, among others, "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars" and "Someone to Light Up My Life" to music by Antonio Carlos Jobim; "Paris Is at Her Best in May" and "Venice Blue" (Charles Aznavour); "Bridges" (Milton Nascimento), and "Yesterday I Heard the Rain" (Armando Manzaneiro). The most successful, "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars," was recorded by more than 150 performers, among them Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Vic Damone, Peggy Lee, Sergio Mendes, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and Andy Williams. Lees later translated several poems by Pope John Paul II for the song cycle One World, One Peace, recorded in 1985 by Sarah Vaughan. Other singers who have recorded "Waltz for Debby" are Al Jarreau, Tony Bennett (in a duet album with Evans) and Johnny Hartman, with the song being Evans' most recorded song, instrumentally.--------------You may also want to read Elli Fordyce - Still very cool--------------Useful LinksElli Fordcye Website: can follow Elli on twitter @ElliFordyceManagement: Redwood Entertainment [see artists page]--------------CD and samples available from iTunes CD Baby Amazon Napster AmieST --------------Wallpaper ImagesOn behalf of Elli - download your desktop wallpaper images by [clicking here]


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