Monday, March 9, 2009

Elli Fordyce - Still Very Cool, by Rajesh Pancholi

Elli Fordyce – Still very cool

A few words from me (Rajesh Pancholi): I like the idea of feeling. I enjoy being jolted by something unexpected, whether it’s something I'm into or not. The mere fact that I reacted makes me feel alive and gives me ideas I’m desperate to scribble down somewhere. Usually I tend to talk about the visual but I guess that’s just the nature of being me. However, I can't ignore sound, it’s part of my favourite movies, short films, music and the people I love ... and those whom I don't feel close to ... I'll make a note of trends, which agency is creating what for who, old and new, typography, illustrations, artists, writers – they all influence my day in some way. But then out-of-the-blue I hear something that makes me smile and sit back for a few minutes, it reminds me of the old movies I watched many moons ago. How come a woman of 71 sounds so young ... still very cool, Elli Fordyce.

[Because Rajesh's piece is so graphics-driven, I've provided the link to it so you may see it intact and get the beautiful overall impact of what he created: Feel free to comment on r27 CreativeLab's blog or below, on this blog, and thanks for reading.]

Thank you to Rajesh for this wonderful extension on my CD, "Something Still Cool."




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